India: Some of Mumbai’s Lesser Known Sites

Mumbai is a great city to live in but it’s not such a popular spot on the tourist trail because there isn’t that much to see, per sé. Although I would beg to differ; aside from the fascinating dhobi ghats, the Ghandi House Museum, Sassoon Docks, Chor Bazaar, Haji Ali Mosque, the Hanging Gardens, and the sari market are some of my favorite “slightly off the beaten path” sites in Mumbai. Sure, the Gateway of India and Victoria Terminus are nice, but a little too British for my tastes. Here’s a little photo tour:

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5 responses to “India: Some of Mumbai’s Lesser Known Sites

  1. Great photos! The bike (?) with sidecar was definitely worth including. Happy new year!!!

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  3. I discovered your blog from FP and was reading all your India posts. Can’t help but chuckle at that li’l mistake you made in spelling out Mahatma Gandhi’s name. It’s slightly funny given that our sort of first family, the Gandhi family, owe their last name to a gentleman originally named Ghandi (your spelling), whom the Mahatma adopted precisely to bestow his last name and save them the embarrassment of having to declare an inter-community marriage in strife-torn India. Sorry about the history lesson. Am sure it’s so confusing that you’re probably scowling at me now 😛
    But, thanks for the laugh. Btw I also like what you write and your photographs.

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