India: Goa

Backtracking a little, in December when we were living in Mumbai full-time we decided we needed a break from the city, namely a break on the beach. We hadn’t been planning to go down to Goa, but it is the easiest place to get to a nice beach so we went for a few days before the super busy season started there (Christmas and New Years). We stayed in a bamboo hut (the typical accommodation in Goa) in Ashvem, a quiet (which is getting difficult to find in Goa these days) beach in northern Goa. It was pretty uneventful, mostly because Manor was sick with a cold the whole time so we literally just sat on the beach, except for an outing to the market at Anjuna. This flea market was generally full of touristy junk, but Manor did get a pair of cheap sunglasses and a “Being Human” t-shirt (an extremely popular brand in India started by a Bollywood star as a charity).

The culinary highlight was dinner at the excellent French restaurant La Plage. It was definitely the best Western food we had in India, plus it was a lovely environment right on the beach. In the West, entreés of this sort would easily exceed $30 but here they were a bargain at about $10. We started with an appetizer I honestly cannot remember but seem to have a photo of–some kind of mini burger thing?–then I had a perfectly cooked sesame tuna with excellent wasabi mashed potatoes and Manor had spare ribs with artichokes and potato wedges. We finished with a delicious panna cotta with strawberry coulis. Yum!

All in all the whole experience in Goa seemed so far away from the India we were used to and I continue to be baffled by people who go all the way to India to just hang out in Goa as there are much nicer beaches in the world that are probably much closer…but to each his own. In any case, it was a nice escape from Mumbai for us!



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2 responses to “India: Goa

  1. I live in Goa and I feel like you do! I’ve watched Goa change from a sleepy, quiet place to a warren over-run with tourists…it’s painful to watch. I have no idea why people rave so much about Goan beaches…have been to better ones – cleaner, quieter and prettier ones myself in Mauritius and Thailand!

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