India: Last Visits to Mumbai Favorites

After traveling for three weeks, we finally made it back to Mumbai for a couple days before setting off again. It was our last chance to visit old haunts, see our friends, and to show our visiting friend Judy a few of our favorite sites, shops, and of course, foods.

I’ve already written about our favorite sites and shops, but I’ve been remiss in sharing some of my favorite Bombay food joints. I’ve already mentioned the amazing pani puris available everywhere and our favorite South Indian restaurants, but here are few other favorites that we took Judy to:

1) The Haji Ali Juice Stand, which stands right outside the Haji Ali Margue, sells amazing fresh juices, as well as the amazing Pakistani delicacy falooda. Falooda sounds and looks kind of gross, but trust me, it’s good. It’s made of rose syrup, vermicielli noodles, basil seeds, tapioca pearls, jelly, and anything else they can think of to throw in there!

The faloodas are super popular, as you can see by the number of orders this guy is fulfilling!

Our falooda. That sounds like a pet...

Judy has mango juice and I have strawberry-kiwi-mango.

Manor had fresh grape juice.

Fruit hanging in the Bombay night.

2) One of our favorite desserts in India became rabdi, a caramelized pudding. Before we left for our travels I heard about Kailash’s in Colaba in Mumbai, which was supposed to have the best rabri, so we finally made it over there with Judy. It was so good we got seconds!

3) We had dinner with some of our Bombay friends at Sheesha, a lovely rooftop restaurant in Khar West with great food and fun hookahs for dessert!

4) Juhu Natural has some of the best ice-cream in India! They specialize in unique and seasonal flavors like anjeera (fig), toasted almond, coconut, sitaphal (custard apple), jackfruit, and many more. Yum!



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2 responses to “India: Last Visits to Mumbai Favorites

  1. Gil

    Devora Manorchik. great to read all of traveling experience In India.
    Hope you will returen home safly soon.
    Love Gil

  2. My Mum loves falooda. We have visited Little India in Toronto since I was a kid and I have yet to try it. Perhaps on our next visit this summer! Great Pics 🙂

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